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Comitato per il centenario
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logo Comitato per il centenario della Grande Guerra

From Victory to Defeat, from Defeat to Victory

The Austro-Italian Front from Caporetto to Vittorio Veneto

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National Museum of Contemporary History, Ljubljana
12 ottobre 2017 - 13 marzo 2018

The conference – the third in a series of conferences on the Austro-Italian Front during WWI – aims to bring together new research on the developments on both sides of the front in the period from the Battle of Caporetto to the Battle of Vittorio Veneto, in a contextual frame of a victory and/or defeat. We are interested in new research on military developments, reorganisation of the armed forces, the functioning of military and/or political alliances, the fates of civilians in occupied Italian territories or displaced inside the Kingdom, the Austrian administration of occupied Italian provinces and the return of Austrian refugees, propaganda, the peace movements and proposals, as well as other aspects of the final year of the Great War on the Austro-Italian Front. All of this should provide us with a better understanding of the development from victory to defeat and from defeat to victory.